our story (ENG)

our story

In the Master Programme Development Studies at the University of Vienna, whose students (at the time diploma programme and bachelor students as well as the “Basisgruppe”) played an important role in the 2012 university protests, there is a tradition of student-organized critical lecture series (such as „Kritik.Widerspruch.Widerstand“ in the winter semester of 17/18, „Coloniality under De_Construction“ in the spring semester of 17, „Postwachstum“ in the winter semester of 16/17).

Examples of feminist practice (especially those that operate outside of academia) are usually underrepresented in university contexts.
Our motivation in organising the lecture series „Doing Feminisms“ in the summer semester 2020 was to provide a space for feminist voices to be heard within academic contexts. The lecture aims to present a wide range of feminist practices and therefore to motivate and encourage feminist action.

‚Doing Feminisms – What is feminist theory in practice?‘ was organized by Teresa Engelhart, Elisa Fink, Juan Pablo Gerez Haded, Alexander Hass, Swantje Höft, Laura Plochberger, Nadine Taferner, Florentine Schennach, Franziska Sophie Werner and Milena Zilk.

Special thanks go to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Antje Daniel and the Institute of International Development at the University of Vienna for their support.