I would like to take part but I do not study at uni. Am I allowed to come?

Yes, you are! ‘Doing Feminisms’ is also accessible to persons who do not study at university. You are able to either go to the lectures you find most interesting or join the whole class – as you please! Please also note: In order to receive ECTS for this class, you have to be a student of the University of Vienna (or another uni that gave you permission to do the lecture as part of your curriculum.) 

This sounds fabulous! Can I get credit for this class?

You can get credit for our ‘Doing Feminisms’ lecture from various degree programmes at the University of Vienna. To find out if your degree programme is among them, consult the university syllabus(u:find) at the University of Vienna. 

If you would like the possibility to get credit for ‘Doing Feminisms’ in your degree programme, please let us know or send a message to the study service at your faculty.

Who is behind ‘Doing Feminisms’?

You are, for example, by taking our class 😉 . Apart from that, we, the organisers are a group of masters’ students at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Vienna. We are supported by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Antje Daniel.

I would like to help, what can I do?

The core-team of ‘Doing Feminisms’ has already reached the maximum comfortable size for the team to work in. This does not mean you cannot partake in the organisation of ‘Doing Feminisms’! We are very happy to work together with motivated groups of people who are willing to organise activities parallel to our lecture. From reading groups, activist projects: the possibilities seem endless! Get in touch with us.

Which languages are you using for the lectures? 

Depending on the lecture, we use either English or German.

What about accessibility?

We aim for a lecture in which everyone that would like to can partake. Our lecture hall is wheelchair accessible. If you speak ÖGS (Austrian Sign Language) and would like to participate in the lecture, please message us. We will try to organise translation for you. Furthermore: If you are worried you might not be able to access the lecture for whichever reason please let us know! We will try to find a solution.